Water Resources

Water ResourcesClean water is essential to the health and well being of communities. By supporting those who manage the precious water resources, EES is making a vital contribution to public health. At EES, we bring a wealth of experience to protecting and preserving these precious resources. We help clients manage water resources, providing them with modern and reliable treatment and conveyance solutions. EES provides effective treatment of stormwater, restoration tools, and innovative watershed protection approaches to assess, protect, and restore our water bodies.

The Water Resources Services conducted by the company include:

  • Water Quality Assessments
  • Source Water Protection
  • Designated Uses & Water Quality Standards
  • Hydrologic Assessments
  • Drainage Master Plans
  • Stormwater Management/Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  • Feedlot & Agricultural Runoff Control
  • Erosion Control
  • Engineered Wetlands
  • Stream Channel & Shoreline Restoration
  • Habitat & Ecosystem Restoration
  • Regulatory Compliance & Support
  • Information Management Systems