GIS Implementation & Management

GIS Implementation & ManagementManaging and analyzing geospatial data is a fundamental component of environmental consulting. EES routinely incorporates Geographic Information Systems (GIS) into projects for the entry, management, analysis and display of geographic information and spatial data. EES apply GIS to manage and analyze data collected as part of ground water modeling projects, contaminated site investigations, water resource studies, and remediation design. Spatial data analyses and visualization can improve the understanding of such problems as contaminant distribution in the subsurface, the statistical relationship between analytical data, and the effectiveness of remediation programs.

The GIS Implementation & Management Services conducted by the company include:

  • Static and animated 2D and 3D visualizations
  • Interactive Web-Based Maps through Dedicated Server
  • Database Management
  • Hydrologic Modeling Support
  • Land Use Planning
  • Site Suitability Evaluation
  • Habitat Delineation and Modeling
  • Aerial Photo & Remote Sensing Applications
  • Production of Small or Large Format Figures