Stormwater Management

Stormwater ManagementEES has the skills to design and construct innovative stormwater systems that meet the requirements of multi-objective stormwater management programs. Our approach integrates the engineering aspects of stormwater management with natural treatment techniques. We can aid you in satisfying the general permit requirements associated with the development of stormwater quality ordinances, the preparation of stormwater management plans and public education.

EES Stormwater Management Studies & Applications include:

  • NPDES MS4 Program Development & Management
  • Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) Assistance
  • Erosion & Sediment Control Analysis
  • Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) Development & Implementation
  • Recharge & Infiltration Assessments
  • Pollutant Load Reduction Assessments
  • Water Quality Monitoring & Protection
  • Environmental Conservation & Planning