Maguí Beach Dune Restoration Project

January 18, 2020
The Municipality of Hatillo has contracted EES to perform project management services for the Maguí Beach Dune Restoration Project. The coastal protection project, funded by Section 306A of the Coastal Zone Management Act and managed by the Coastal Zone Management ... Officially Launched

December 5, 2019
Today, Environmental & Ecological Services (EES) has officially launched is a set of web applications developed by EES to assist municipalities and other public entities in Puerto Rico which are regulated under the 2016 Municipal Separate Storm Sewer ...

EPA NPDES Vessel General Permit

October 24, 2018
Short flight to the Paragon MSS2 for its weekly monitoring and visual inspection pursuant the requirements of the EPA NPDES Vessel General Permit.

EPA RST Hurricanes Irma and María Emergency and Remedial Response

March 28, 2018
From September 2017 to April 2018, with Weston Solutions, Inc., Guardian Environmental Services Co. and On-Site Environmental, Inc., EES provided advisory and assistance services to the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) On-Scene Coordinators (OSCs, and other federal officials implementing ...